About Axel

Axel has studied economy, archeology, history and french literature. He started to write poetry for more than 20 years ago. His style is influenced by poetry, music, science fiction, everyday’s life, history, future, science, computers, theology, mythology, economy, sociology, ethnology, psychology, nature…or the Monty Python.

He started to write in english around 1,5 year ago. Most of his poetry work has still to be published, but one can already familiarize oneself with some pieces on line.

In those days in which Time has accelerate itself, many people have a conflictual relation with it, mostly like Sisyphus they rather ignore to be controlled or have the illusion to act on it. The digit rules in all and poetry has been forgotten in this senseless fight. I assume that poetry is so old as mankind and the thickest of text’s art to drive informations, touching together an inestimable amount of domains, which create new significations in itself.

Poetry today is an act of resistance, but it is also an own language with codes, which make it resisting to people who don’t have the faith in understanding and progress.

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