Pottery, Poetry & Purity

Ladder Street-01, 2014
























Pottery, Poetry & Purity


Changnan is so near Manathan
Charcoal and Kaolin help me
To draw to screw Shaolin on
A wheel says the worker – also
Potter – above its bowl of noodle
A Kalamos, ceramics
I can do war wares or jars
Don’t be fazed I read you dazed


I glaze like Batuo in cí and táo city
For who has ersatz glitz or quartz
Instead of an heart
My porcelain is fine
And I’m not afraid of rain
Because all will remain
Sit down and drink tee with me
We’ll share this sancai chai
I received from Shanghai



Understanding’s helper:

Changnan: city known for its ceramics in ancient time, from there come the name China, today Jingdezhen

Kalamos: greek name for Reed pen (french: calame)

Batuo: founder of the Shaolin Temple

cí and táo: 2 main sorts of pottery: high-fired [cí 瓷] and low-fired [táo 陶]

sancai: 3 colors in chinese pottery