Zenithal Council of the Termites

Mid-Levels-06, 2012


Mid-Levels-06, 2012


Zenithal Council of the Termites 


The summit aggregated

Many specialists

Between the Termites


After several postulates

On the circuits of the new estate

On what should be mandibulate

Agglutinate or agglomerate

One delivered certificates

And lauded the best Fighting Spirits


As it was late each one headed for

The gates of the exit: nicely sculpted

Pillars and lintels of Dolomite’s ammonites

Some stayed waiting in the suite

Others went to babysit


As a witness, I took this date,

To write on the conduit and the fate

Of the Almighty Termites


(thanks to Liz Huber for the right inversions in the last strophe and help in making the end open to the up. Thanks Emilie for the inspiring pictures. The poem jumped out from the picture but refers to many things. For example: the congresses of the Communist party, the scientific congresses, the books of the belgian writer Maeterlinck on the insects societies and the invisible spirit which organize them, finally  the s.f. movie Phase IV of Saul Bass; the reign of the ants with a weird intelligence, the list could easily be continued…)